Bio – Jason Ruedy

Bio of Jason Ruedy

My name is Jason Ruedy, and I am The Home Loan Arranger.  I’m a licensed mortgage lender in Colorado and Pennsylvania.  I focus on mortgages for residential properties only.

I specialize in purchase, refinance, cash-out, and debt consolidation loans.  I have a strong understanding of A paper loans consisting of credit scores over 600, and sub-prime loans with credit scores down to 350.

I carry 24+ years in the mortgage business and have been ranked #1 in state of Colorado, and top 24 US loan officer.  I’m a boutique mortgage lender.

I’m the only loan officer who originates for my company.  That means I’m relationship based.  I will always work on your file, and you will get my 24+ years experience.  Because of my business model, I have closed 4-5 loans for some of my clients – its relationship based.

The structure of my company allows me to offer some of the nation’s lowest interest rates.  That becomes a big advantage for my clients, because they get the lowest rate.

I like what I do for work.  I like helping and seeing my clients get into their dream, or maybe consolidating debt and putting them in a better financial position.  I am honored to be part of this community, and to get my clients the best home loans and terms.

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